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Cooking Calculators

Cooking is an enjoyable activity as well as a necessity to survive on this planet. We must manage the taste of the dish by taking into account the weight and quantity of the ingredients. Certain ingredients are weighed in Kilograms, while some recipes require the weight of the ingredients to be specified in Pounds and ounces. To ensure the correct amount of ingredients is added, it is necessary to convert the Pounds to Kilograms. The kitchen area of The Calculator Site has a selection of conversions and calculators that are helpful when cooking.

Grams to Cups
To convert between cups and grammes for a range of ingredients, use this calculator tool.

Baking Conversions A reference table with listings for cups, grammes, ounces, tablespoons, and teaspoons that shows baking conversions for popular components including flour, sugar, butter, and margarine.

Temperature Conversions for Ovens
For temperature conversions between gas and electric ovens, use these helpful reference charts. Fahrenheit, Celsius, Celsius (fan-assisted), and gas marks conversions are available.

Kitchen Converter
Use this cooking conversion tool to translate between commonly used weight and volume units (cups, ounces, grams, kilograms, teaspoons, tablespoons and more).

mL to cups
Use this calculator to convert between cups and millilitres (mL). The US cup, imperial cup, and metric cup are the three cup sizes that are included.

Ounces to Cups
If you want to convert between cups and ounces, use this calculator (dry or fluid). There is also a reference table with the dry ounce conversion for typical ingredients for 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, etc.

From Cups to Spoons
Find out how many tablespoons there are in a cup by converting cups to tablespoons.

Cups to Grams
Convert sugar, flour, butter, and a variety of other baking and cooking materials between grammes and cups.

Ounces and Grams
Utilize this calculator to convert between grammes and ounces. There is also a conversion table available.

Pounds to Grams
Learn how to convert grammes to pounds as well as how many pounds are in one gramme.

Both grammes and teaspoons
Use this conversion calculator to convert between grammes and tablespoons. For your convenience, a list of ingredients is supplied to aid with the conversion.

Teaspoons to Grams
For a variety of substances, use this calculator tool to convert between grammes and teaspoons. Additionally, a conversion table between grammes and teaspoons is provided.

Grams and mL
Convert a range of liquid and dry components between millilitres (mL) and grammes (g). There is a water conversion table for mL and grammes.

Ounces to mL
Use this calculator to convert between fluid ounces (fl oz) and millilitres or millilitres (mL). The US fluid ounce and the UK fluid ounce are two distinct units of measurement. There is a table that converts ounces to millilitres.

Cups to Pints
Use this calculator to determine the number of cups in a pint and convert measurements between pints and cups in the US, UK, or metric systems.

Cups to Pounds
Convert quantities of components like flour, sugar, butter, margarine, and more between pounds (lb) and cups. There is also a conversion chart for common ingredients from cups to pounds.

Cups to Quarts
Make quart and cup conversions using this calculator. Be aware that there are many cup measurements, including US, metric, and imperial cups from the UK.

Sticks of Butter Use this conversion tool to figure out how many sticks of butter there are in a cup, pound, tablespoon, or gramme.

Spoons to Tablespoons
Find out how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon measurement by converting between tablespoons and teaspoons.

Grams to teaspoons
For a variety of ingredients, use this calculator tool to convert between teaspoons (tsp) and grammes. There is also a conversion chart from teaspoons to grammes.

cups to millilitres
To convert between teaspoons (tsp) and millilitres, use this conversion tool. There is also a conversion reference table and information on how many mL are in a teaspoon.